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Our Services

Pond Repairs & Other Services for the Augusta, GA Region

Holland Environmental specializes in all aspects of dam and wetland construction. Some of the services we offer, in addition to the tons of sediment we remove every year, include new pond construction, pond repairs, upgrades to outflow structures, siphon systems, grouting of existing pipes, concrete plunge pools, toe and chimney drains, steel sheet pile drop spillways, wet well preparation, erosion control, cleaning sand from underwater pipes, sediment removal, etc.

Holland Environmental can utilize the latest drone technology for project assessment and final project review. This allows us to reach areas previously unattainable. We also use top certified dive teams for hazrdous underwater inspesctions and projects. With these resources, we can provide our customers with highly detailed scopes of work and precise work in potentially dangerous environments. 
Sediment Removal Augusta, GA

From Sediment Removal to Siphon Systems and Pond Liners

  • Pressure Grouting: A process of pumping grout through existing pipes running through the dam, that seals voids and spaces in order to terminate use of the pipe.

  • Pipe Slip Lining: A process of inserting a new pipe into an old horizontal pipe. The surrounding area between the two pipes is pressure grouted to prevent seepage through voids in the old pipe.

  • Plunge Pools: An area below a siphon system of other spillway, that is stabilized (usually with concrete or rock) in order to dissipate water flow energy for the purpose of minimizing erosion.

  • Siphon Systems: Primary spillway consisting of a pipe running with the contour of the dam, and capable of moving high volumes of water when under vacuum. Systems may be permanent or temporary. Permanent lines are usually encased in concrete and go through the dam. Temporary lines are usually placed above ground, on top of the dam.

  • Wellpoint System: System that drains water from existing ground in order to install clay cores.  
Pond Liner Augusta, GA
  • Toe Drains: Drains (consisting of rock, sand, pipe, and filter fabric) along the bottom of the back side of the dam, that collect excess seepage from the bottom of the dam and transport water through the pipes to desired areas.
  • Chimney Drains: Vertical drains (consisting of rock, sand, pipe, and filter fabric) along the backside of the dam, that collect excess seepage from the dam starting at normal water pool elevation all the way down to the bottom of the dam.
  • Drop Spillways: Concrete or steel structures/ walls, where the top of the structure is equal to normal water pool elevation, over which water flows and is dissipated into a plunge pool area.

  • Wet Well Systems: Consists of horizontal pipes running from ponds at the underground level and then connected to a large vertical pipe. Inside the vertical pipe, pumps may be placed that allow for pumping cool water out of the pond for irrigation, etc.

  • Duck Ponds: Ponds equipped with an adequate draining system so that they can be drained during the summer in order to plant vegetation.

  • Wetlands Enhancement: Restoring or creating an area with various types of trees and grass to encourage wildlife habitation and natural filtering for water.

  • Kaolin Lining: Hauling and placing an impervious clay so that a pond might be attainable in an area that would otherwise not hold water. 
Long Reach Excavator for Sediment Removal or Miscellaneous Services $125 per hour
Pond Construction Augusta, GA
  • Does not include mobilization (fee varies depending on location)
  • Based on minimum 7-hour day
  • Two (2) day minimum
  • Price does not include hauling, pumping, matting, materials or extra equipment (other than the excavator), if required
  • Per Diem may apply depending on location
  • Based upon scheduling availability and average site conditions
  • Some jobs may require the additional services of a Registered Professional Engineer due to state regulations for certain dams
  • All work performed under written contract
General Contractor Number: G111482
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