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"My husband and I hired Holland to repair our breached dam and remove the sediment from our pond in Gilbert, SC. We couldn't have asked for someone more honest and straight forward about the entire project. Holland was very willing to work within the budget we set and completed the work in a timely manner. I would HIGHLY recommend Holland Environmental for any project that you have in mind!"

Amanda H.
Gilbert, SC

"Wells worked on a job site if ours that required the silt that was accumulated over an 8 month period to be mucked out, loaded and hauled off. Wells was extremely easy to work with in discussing a plan of attack to complete the task at hand. We certainly will use him again if needed."

Tripp Bryan
Gen. Manager - Paveway of Augusta
Augusta, GA

"We recently had Wells Holland of Holland Environmental do a renovation of our pond out in Trenton, SC. The work included the draining of the pond, dredging out 4-5 feet of sediment, new riser, drains installed, and the distribution of the sediment around our property to enrich the soil. We bought this property 10 months ago. It was never maintained, had been poorly logged, full of trash and fallen trees. He also fixed numerous sections of property to prevent washouts in heavy rains. Wells did a great job of not only cleaning it all up, but leaving us with a pond/dam system that will be as worry free as possible. Needless to say, he did a great job! I would be pleased to offer a 5 star rating for the work. In addition, Mr. Holland was easy to work with, met and exceeded all of our expectations."

Michele and Fred Beranek
Aiken, SC

“My husband and I are repeat customers of Holland Environmental. Mr. Wells Holland repaired our ~100 year old earthen dam in 2009 by putting a slip line inside the old partially corroded metal overflow pipe. 
Earthen dams always seep water and ours was no different since it was sited in an area with many natural springs. Holland Environmental put in a French drain along the base of the dam (known as a toe drain) to conduit the seepage away from the base of the dam. This repair was done between March 30 to April 8, 2015.

We had lowered the lake by removing boards from the concrete riser during the repairs as a safety precaution. Then, Mr. Holland, who is a licensed diver, helped us get the wooden boards back into the overflow. He also helped us redesign and spread new white sand out into the lake at a small beach we had made on the shore of our lake. He used his heavy equipment to move some landscape rocks into place on our property. 
We remain impressed with the prompt response from Holland environmental that we have had every time needed his services. Moreover, Mr. Holland is very knowledgeable about how to repair or create a pond or lake and we have also been impressed with his knowledge and abilities. Our working rapport with Mr. Holland has always been excellent. 

Our next “project” will be to construct a goldfish pond on our property where there is a natural spring. And you know we will call Holland Environmental when the time comes to get the job done. 
We were probably some of Mr. Holland’s most skeptical clients since we had two previous bad experiences with other dam repairs and since I am a retired SC state Registered Geologist (PG). “
Dr. Carol M. Jantzen, SC Professional Geologist
Dr. John B. Pickett
Aiken, SC

“I got the pond and the property about 20 years ago. It’s an 8 acre pond. Everything was going by fine. But then, 5 years ago the water line was dropping. We thought it was just dry season and we just passed it off. Finally, the water line was dropping too much. We called several companies, consultants who build trenches and work with the aquifer. They came out, literally just looked around, and basically passed off the problem as 'being in the country and the developing areas' where more wells are punched into the ground, affecting the aquifer. We started out having this beautiful pond, and now it was becoming like a swamp. We received Wells Holland’s flyer in the mail and called him up. He was the first person that literally dived down into the water to see how much water we are losing versus how much water was coming in. That impressed me right there that he was helping. After Wells' work, I checked the water level, and it was already inches past the original water line that same evening. We will refer him to our kin and friends in the Augusta area, so hopefully he can help them. From a rating 1-10, 10+ is my satisfaction with his work. Anything higher than a 10+, give it to him.”

Alan Sturkie
Sandy Run, SC

"At the time we contacted Holland Environmental, Inc. (our) dam was in failure... within one day, Holland Environmental, Inc. had researched the history of the dam and came to discuss the SC regulations regarding repair of a low hazard dam. Within 2 days, Holland Environmental, Inc. drew up a contract regarding repairs. Within less than a week, the equipment needed was on site and repairs had begun. We were impressed with the prompt response from Holland Environmental, Inc. with their knowledge for the state regulations and their attention to detail. Wells Holland was very professional in his handling of the problem and preformed the repairs in a very safe manner.....

Holland Environmental, Inc. was on site five days a week, arriving before dawn even in inclement winter weather. Our working rapport was excellent. We were probably some of his most skeptical clients since we had two previous bad experiences with other dam repairs and since I am a SC State Registered Geologist (PG)... we are confident that his repair will last."

Dr. Carol M. Jantzen, SC professional Geologist
Dr. John B. Pickett
Aiken, SC

"We hired (Holland Environmental, Inc.) to dredge our camp pond. They came to us highly recommended for the job. They have fulfilled our expectations with professional expertise and knowledge. We are well-pleased with the professional work. We would highly recommend Holland Environmental, Inc. to anyone." 

Mitchell Quick
Camp Manager
SC Carolina Church of the Nazarene Camp
Batesburg, SC

"After investigation the qualifications and experience of Holland Environmental, Inc., we became convinced that they were the best qualified. Working conditions in the drained canal bottom were less than desirable and the quantity of accumulated silt to be removed was unknown, so consequently there was no maximum price to perform the work. This required the Authority to place a lot of trust and faith in Holland to perform the work in an expeditious and cost-effective manner. We could not have been more pleased with the performance by Holland Environmental, Inc. on this project. They are honest, reliable, conscientious, and perform the highest quality work that you will find anywhere in the most professional manner. You will find no contract more legally binding than Wells Holland's Word- if he says it, you can take it to the bank."

Dayton L. Sherrouse, AICP
Augusta Canal Authority
Augusta, GA
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